Clues That Apple is About to Change Everything With WiMax
Written by David R Jennings   
Thursday, 10 January 2008

I have to admit WiMax is one of those tech-terms that comes in and out of the ear enough to be rendered forgetful. WiMax, WiFi, Wireless 2G, Wireless 3G, all meld into a kind of techno-babble that you might just miss.
But listen carefully, say the word WiMax out loud, because WiMax is different and is about to change how you access the internet.
The first small clue about Apple Inc.'s plan for WiMax slipped last year when Apple announced that their hot new iPhone would only offer the 2G wireless network from AT&T, a slower technology than most expected. In retrospect trying to push 3G into the iPhone would have either taken longer to implement than Apple wanted, or be cost prohibitive. With what might be announced next week their decision to go with 2G and forget about the cost and delays of 3G could be prophetic.

The big question then, "When will the iPhone get 3G Wireless"? My new guess... NEVER! Why you ask? Because I believe Apple is about to jump past 3G straight to WiMax.

Adopting WiMax would have HUGE benefits for the iPhone, and will probably be complimented by what is about to be released from Apple at the MacWorld 2008 convention next Tuesday. A few leaked photos of preparation for the MacWorld at the Mascone Center have already shown that Mac's theme for MacWorld '08 is, "There's Something In The Air".

So... what exactly is WiMax? WiMax is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.16, that is intended for wireless "metropolitan area networks". WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 - 15 km) for mobile stations. In contrast, the WiFi/802.11 wireless local area network standard is limited in most cases to only 100 - 300 feet (30 - 100m). Read more from "WiMax.Com" and on the "WiMax Forum"

WiMax could take the place of your home DSL, and/or home Cable. Using high-speed reliable WiMax broadband you could completely forget about your phone company and begin using internet VOIP phone services with more confidence. WiMax will be the next generation beyond 2G and 3G wireless, and the current WiFi standards. It is a "Last Mile" technology that drastically reduces the infrastructure needed to bring internet to your home. It is custom built for urban areas, but will bring phone and internet to remote areas where stringing wire was impractical, and is perfect for a wireless mobile world.

If Apple MacWorld goes as I think it might, it will be a turning point for the internet, broadband, and bring broadband connectivity to more of the U.S. than ever before, and make Apple Inc. the de-facto winner as a wireless connectivity platform.

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