Visual Solutions for Stock Photography

Finding or shooting great images for use in print, online or broadcast can be difficult and time consuming. At Bauart we recognize that the added cost of photography or cinematography is often the hidden over-run that can kill a great project.

To help you meet your deadline and budget Bauart has talented Art Directors who understand your budget limitations and are skilled at acquiring the perfect stock image for your project. If locating the perfect image becomes illusive we can often use photo-compositing and image-retouching to combine several images, in effect "designing" a great image which is tailored to meet your project needs.

Image compositing and retouching is not new, but is often over-looked as a cost-saving solution. There are now hundreds of online image libraries that we carefully review. The trained eye of a graphic composite artist can often see your perfect shot hiding in the elements of two or more images. When combined, composited, and/or retouched we can create a unique new image that is better than the sum of the original source materials. Because we strive to find you benefit from reduced licensing hassles and have a greater flexibility to design an image that matches your needs.

So don't let the high cost of custom photography blow your budget. Discuss with us your creative goals, then rely on Bauart to find an affordable that will look great and be affordable.

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