Are You Afraid of the Vista?
Written by David R Jennings   
Sunday, 19 November 2006

With the declaration that Vista is now completed I heard a silent moan echoing through the cubicles and around the water cooler.

Shortly after this Holiday season office engineers, company IT directors, and maybe even a few of the front office "help" will look forward to clicking their way through new menus and exploring the expansive view of Microsoft's Vista of things to come. But for many the only view will offer is of sharp rocks, fierce seas and angry gods.

So here's the thing. There are a LOT of people out there who are now comfortable with . They haven't had to learn anything new in more than five years. They have mastered Microsoft Word, have excelled at Excel and a few of them have ventured as far as creating a funny PowerPoint presentations to send to their friends and joke buddies. But giving up the known for the unknown comes slowly to more people than many people are aware.

Having spent a few years attempting to explain an "RSS Feed" to an accountant, and the meaning of the word "blog" to the "Senior VP's of Pre-War Beliefs", I have a strong inkling that Microsoft may have waited just a little too long and accidently breached a generational technology gap while perfecting their Vista for the future.

I am now and have been an eater. I announce that with no reservations. One of the many things Apple has done correctly, although I doubt it was for this reason, was to continue releasing new software and new innovations every year. This has the stimulating effect of a great but also creates a slow comfortable transition from the things that were to the things that will be.

Microsoft's latest jump from the XP that was to the Vista that must be will create tsunami like waves across the shores of many Windows XP masters, many of whom are still struggling with which desktop background is their favorite, (i.e. the Ocean Sunset or the Harvest of Wheat). Their Jedi like confidence of all things XP will be washed away one morning soon and their worst fears realized when they first see a shiny toolbar rising like a sharpend light sabre from the Vista screen, or an RSS XML icon announcing to their piers that they truely are a "Really Simple Simon". The upcoming view of any number of horribly unknown monsters creeping toward them from the Vista will likely send shrieks around the office.

The day after the big Vista install will create a Y2K+7 that is going to dwarf the original fears. I believe many of the more timid office workers may stop in their tracks, curl into a fetal position, then harken for their to make all things XP again.

But all may not be lost... somewhere in the dark corners of the basement lie several children from the marketing department who have been using and may be able to hold the hands of those afraid of the Vista.

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