Will Electric Sheep Dream of Virtual Grass?
Written by David R Jennings   
Wednesday, 04 July 2007
Electric Sheep

Very soon all we know is going to change, and change A LOT!

I first became aware of the change years ago when I saw an old digital calculator. A very low-tech device by today's standards. At first they were only affordable by corporations but slowly and inevitably they were within reach of the average guy. I recall watching the flickering illuminated numbers, and knowing they were going to lead to something important that had nothing to do with math.

Thirty years later as I sit on my sofa typing on a computer that would have been alien to the NASA of the 1960's, I still can't take technology for granted. We rely on technology for everything from entertainment to our jobs.
Remove all technology for one hour and we will sit on the floor with nothing to do. Remove it for a day and we will become cold and hungry. Leave it off for a week and many will die!
You don't have to go back very far to see what an incredible era we are living through. I'm only 44 years old but I recall balancing my checking account on a notepad. I recall looking through dusty encyclopedias in a library to complete a homework assignment. I recall not having money to go out for dinner, or buy gas, because it was Sunday and nobody would cash a check. I recall when a password was something only needed by a spy.

I am daily frustrated by people who just don't "get" technology. They are stuck in the past and are not changing with the rest of us. They want me to "print their email", "send them a fax" or do something like they did in "days-of-old". I recently was able to board a plane and take a trip while a co-worker was left behind. I had booked my flight online and printed my boarding pass at home, but they had mistakenly called reservations to give a "real human" their request... mistakes were made.
It is now time for us all to intentionally adopted the new, and become acutely aware that we MUST be ready for rapid change. The future is going to be a truly astounding place and it will be here very soon.
In just a very few years we will learn to control technology with our minds. Very shortly there after we will be linking our minds to each other so that we can understand their thoughts. When that day comes, and it's just around the corner, lying will become impossible and deception will be undone. Humanity will change immediately, lawyers will be unneeded, politicians will HAVE to tell the truth. And maybe, if we are lucky, the winds of war could be stilled as our motives become transparent and our intentions immediately known.

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