Internet Revolution - Be Prepared or Die
Written by David R Jennings   
Monday, 29 May 2006
Internet Revolution

recent article titled: "Caught up in the 'Net" is a fair review of how the 'net is changing everything. , entertainment, and even politics are already on a new course.

"The Internet has had such a huge impact that I am currently unable to remember how it was to work without it," says anthropologist Daniela Cerqui."  Quoted from the CNN article above
The business world is quickly being segmented into the online and offline enterprises, with the smart companies leveraging both and hurriedly adapting strategies to incorporate online commerce as they proceed.

The larger picture, beyond just the impact of the internet, is the revolution of the "information age" which is now coming into full stride. When discussed as recently as a few decades ago most did not fully understand the strength that the combination of technology and information would unleash. We have come so far in such a very short amount of time that the exponential increase of knowledge is going to take us very quickly to living a "science-fiction" future in our own time.

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