Passwords Getting You Down?
Written by David R Jennings   
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Solving Password Problems

Keeping track of your day to day password can be overwhelming, especially if you are required to change or update them on a regular basis. A recent news article from titled Passwords Jotted Down by 1 in 3 Workers seen on CNNMoney states that most people still keep their passwords on paper, or worse yet in a text file on their computer. But there is a whole collection of software available to make passwording your passwords a whole lot easier

When you close Info.xHead your passwords are encrypted with 448 Bit and stored safely away on your computer or anywhere you want, including your iPod!
Discovery of a new application called Info.xHead last year changed my whole approach to security. This nifty little application for Mac OSX offers a secure way to keep and organize your passwords in one place and away from prying eyes. Info.xHead is a secure and for storing website passwords, serial numbers, memberships, online purchases, credit cards, bank accounts, expenses, ideas, wish-lists, and just about anything else you can think of.

Basically Info Head allows you to create categories for your passwords and then input each password into the application. You can even add input fields for each category. This means when entering your bank account information you can setup a field for the bank name, your pin number, description, routing number, or any other field you like, then use the same data fields to enter all of your other bank accounts into a duplicate entry whenever you like. When you close Info xHead the application is encrypted with 448 Bit Blowfish Encryption and stored safely away on your computer.

What I found most helpful though is a few of the extras. This includes a time-out. Let's say your typing away in Info.xHead and the phone rings, you forget what your doing and wander away leaving your password list available for anyone passing your computer to see. No worries, automatically shuts down after only a few minutes of inactivity. Also backing up your files is a breeze, you can upload the encrypted file to your account, store it on your iPod, or even save it to disk if you like. The tiny encrypted file takes up almost no space, but is more secure than any CIA agent would need.

The only password you will ever need to remember is your Info.xHead password which is needed to unlock the master file. Don't forget it though, not even Info.xHead tech support can get you back in! And for God sakes don't write the password on a piece of paper!

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