Other Visitors Like You Are GREAT Clients!
Written by David R Jennings   
Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Keeping track, taking toll, holding the line and making good time all come into play when maintaining a competitive Website. Most clients tend to overlook or not even realize that their Website has a lot of information to provide them about who is visiting their site and what they like or dislike.

Yes... we ARE talking about statistical analysis. No... no wait, don't run away. It's not going to make your eyes glaze over, in fact you may walk away with a twinkle.
If you have a website and don't check your stats more than once a year you are missing a gold mine of helpful information.
Even the simplest site tracking systems can do more than tally how many visitors you had. The newer number crunchers can tell you what browser they are using, what type of computer they have, what part of the country or the world they are hailing from, what their monitor resolution is set to display. And MOST importantly, which of your pages they visited and how long they stayed.

A few of the more common tools include:
Unique Visitors: This is the term you need to use instead of "Site Hits". A single unique visitor is actually one visit to at least one page of your site. If they visit more pages it is still only counted once.

Visits: If that "Unique Visitor" above visits three pages it would be counted as three "Visits".

Hits: A single "Hit" is any file requested from the server. This number can become very high. A single page on your site might, for instance, have a logo, an HTML file, and a photograph. So each "Unique Visitor" who "Visits" your page would call three files from your server and rack up three "Hits".

Entry Page: This is the first page of your site visited by a Unique Visitor. (This is a great tool to let you know if, for instance, your recent post on an outside site has directed any of those readers to your site.)

Exit Page: This let's you know where the Unique Visitor got bored and left. If you see one page that ranks high on this list you might want to do some improvements.

Visit Duration: Like Entry Page and Exit Page this is self explanatory, but knowing how long a visitor stayed can help you to improve your site. Are many visitors skipping in and then jumping away in less than 30 seconds? Well you might want to improve your external site links so the visitors know more about your site. If they think they are visiting a site about dancing but your site really is about Flamingos, then your site description might be lacking.
The above glossary is just a very short introduction. A good analytics program can give you lots of relevant info and even help you to setup site goals so that you know when a visitor has stepped through your site in a way which indicates they are a possible client. Or maybe like you.... a GREAT client!

So... go visit some of my other site pages!

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