An Urban Dream - The Oak Cliff Transit Authority
Written by David R Jennings   
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
The Oak Cliff Transit Authority

Bauart has just launched a new Website for the The Oak Cliff Transit Authority , and yours truly has been chosen to be on their Board of Directors. Below is the story of the OCTA.


Earlier this year a Dallas Oak Cliff resident, Jason Roberts, thought the time was right to try to rebuild a small part of Dallas history and bring street cars back to Oak Cliff.

Many Dallas citizens don't really know much about Oak Cliff. They assume the stories they hear on the news about an "Oak Cliff Murder" or the "Plight of South Dallas" is enough to know. But many have recently discovered that Oak Cliff is a city within a city and that like Dallas as a whole it is rather hard to quantify.

In fact Oak Cliff was once considered one of the greatest suburban developments in all of the country. Sprouting up almost overnight, it boasted an opera house, theme park, a major league baseball team, and a girls' college. The 1950's and 60's would take their toll on the area beginning with the devastation from a massive tornado and climaxing with the assassination of a president.
When Roberts looked down his suburban hilly tree lined street in North Oak Cliff he saw both what was and what could be.
Why not bring back the street cars to Oak Cliff? At one time OC had more than twenty miles of track which circled the entire area, but as the American infatuation with the automobile rose in the 1950's and 60's the bus replaced the street car and Oak Cliff faded as other Dallas suburbs further North began to shine.

Less than a year after Roberts began his own mission to revitalize Oak Cliff the city of Dallas, state of Texas along with a national effort to find a path out of oil dependancy have picked up Roberts mission and... well... the ball is rolling.

The Oak Cliff Transit Authority is now on the brink of 501c3 status and local business' are onboard with the project. Other U.S. cities like Portland have discovered that where street cars go, so goes the money. Unlike city bus routes which can be altered at a moments notice a street car line brings permanence and local business' jump at the chance to enjoy the profits from increased foot traffic and parking relief.

At a recent OCTA board meeting Board member Matt Holley said, "It is no longer a question of if Oak Cliff will once again have a street car system, but when".

For additional information visit The OCTA Website

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