Milan is Multi-Touch
Written by David R Jennings   
Wednesday, 30 May 2007

As a follow up to last weeks story, "Multi-Touch Has Arrived", we could not ignore the announcement this week of "Milan" from Microsoft.

"Milan" for all practical purposes is Jeffry Hans' Multi-touch. The contents of Microsoft's presentation clearly demonstrate that the two systems are not only similar, but identical.
"Milan" from Microsoft IS Multi-touch!
We watched with great excitement the announcement of Milan. It is fantastic to see this type of user interface reach the market. Although initial cost of more than $5K will put the system out of reach of the average consumer it will, according to Microsoft, be quickly adapted by the business community. Microsoft is apparently reaching out to the kiosk world first with hopes to make Milan the choice interface at every bar, hotel, and train station. From a business 101 POV they are correct, but Multi-touch will be so much more!

See the full story about Milan here.

The only lament from Bauart is that this is coming from Microsoft. Although they have side-stepped their normal vendors to take this product to market, their track record for stylish and innovative is lacking. I think we can expect something similar in the near future from Apple, but instead of hotels and bars think Architects and Designers.

Whether released by Microsoft, Apple, or others... Multi-touch technology is the user interface we will all be using within a very short span of years.

Check out this video of a suspected Apple multi-touch release. It may not place your order for a dry martini, but it would certainly be a double shot for Designers and Art Directors!

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