Does T-rex Taste Like Chicken?
Written by David R Jennings   
Monday, 16 April 2007
Jurassic Chicken

Unless you live under a 65 million-year-old rock you have probably heard that a paleontologist from Montana State University discovered soft tissues in an ancient T-rex thigh bone back in 2003. After studying the tissue samples for the past 4 years they have recovered enough material to establish a link between dinosaurs and birds, in this case the humble, and tasty, chicken.

"We can now start to create relationships between extinct and living organisms.... T-rex tests supported the idea that birds are derived from dinosaurs or are closely related."

Apparently three of the seven reconstructed protein sequences were closely related to chickens. The scientist resisted being drawn into speculation on the likely taste of a T-rex drumstick. But wouldn't you want to find out!

So if your asking what this has to do with creative design... well not much. But Bauart is really clucking to help hatch design ideas for any T-rex marketing concepts that are in the works. (Sorry I couldn't resist).

Try out these starter concepts:

 -   The T-rex Bucket Buster from KFC
 -   Chicken Flavored T-rex Vitamins from Flintsone's
 -   The Jurassic Chicken Rollercoaster at Universal Studios
 -   Why Did the T-rex Cross The Road Comedy Tour
       starring Jeff Foxworthy

Do you have some other concepts? Post them here, I can't wait!

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