Will iPhone be myPhone?
Written by David R Jennings   
Monday, 20 August 2007
iPhone = myPhone

Will you be in line next week to get an iPhone? I'm really having a tough time with this one. Not because of the iPhone, I think it is incredible, revolutionary, and certainly the coolest gadget of the year! I have read all about it, watched the videos of how to use it and would love to be an owner. I live on Macs, check the Apple site almost daily for updates and new widgets, and I have an iTunes music and movie library you would be envious of... no really!

The thing is that the iPhone has one HUGE disadvantage that over shadows everything else and makes it practically unsellable to me. What is this you ask? Let me tell you... it's AT&T. You know these guys, their the ones who have been around since the days of "Ma Bell". Well let's face it, AT&T IS "Ma Bell". If Cingular was still around and competing with AT&T I WOULD be sold. You would see me out in front of the Apple Store the night before the big event with a bed roll and $600.
"AT&T is like Enron and Darth Vader rolled into one megalithic super ugly. They are NOT a favorite!"
As recently as last year I had an AT&T residential phone line. Then one cool spring day I started receiving a new AT&T bill to go along with my regular bill. What's this I ask? Hmmm I don't recall buying a house in North Dallas and calling overseas this much.... must be a mistake. But when I called AT&T, for 4 hours one day, I was told that it MUST be my number. It is after all my drivers license and social security ID linked to the account. Who else would setup a phony telephone line and make calls that are billed to someone else? Apparently I had built a vacation home up North and routed all the AT&T bills to my villa down South. It only took six months and canceling my service to remove this little hiccup from their system.

On a cool spring day this year after a year of happy VoIP service from Vonage, my old AT&T phone line in the hallway began ringing. I hesitantly picked it up, being careful to not let any evil spill on the floor, and said "hello". A lady on the other end of the line, using a frustrated voice I recall from my AT&T days said..., "Who is this and where do you live!". I was of course a little reluctant to give out that info since she was calling on the line from hell. Apparently she had been pleading with AT&T to turn her phone on for a couple of weeks, and each time she called they said, "it IS on". So she finally decided to call her own number to find out where she was. Turns out AT&T had her living at my house. Maybe they should repackage this "feature" as a new dating service?

iPhone myPhone? I'm not so sure? I would be MUCH happier if Apple had received the go ahead from Verizon, or Sprint, or any of the others, but I understand that each were not thrilled about the package Apple laid on the table. Can you imagine the numb-skulls who turned down the iPhone! It is the most talked about gadget of all time and is made by a company who revolutionizes everything they touch. Seems like it would be kind of difficult to say no to that?

In the end I will wait a few weeks to see what happens. I'll listen to find out if the iPhone clients are happy with AT&T, then if results are favorable I will take my $600 down to the Apple store and hope for the best. Maybe this time I will send the bills to my palatial North Dallas estate?

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Arthur Goikhman said: _

  Expecting just that question, David, we created a virtual iPhone pet literally called myPhone, which runs on all web enabled cell phones.
June 27, 2007 | url
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