100 Million Sites and Counting
Written by David R Jennings   
Wednesday, 18 October 2006
Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company, has tracked Web growth since 1995 and announced that the Internet surpassed 100 million Web sites during the month of October 2006.

"There are now 100 million Web sites with domain names and content on them" - Netcraft's Rich Miller
Netcraft states that about 48% of the 100 million sites have active content and that the most dramatic growth has come from bloggers and small businesses. The ease of making money online has added to the growth, along with less complex site creation tools.

The United States, Germany, China, South Korea and Japan are the leading nations that have spurred Web growth from an estimated 18,000 sites in 1995 to the 100+ million today.

In related news Google has acquired the Wiki Startup company JotSpot Inc. JotSpot has done a nice job of simplifying and refining the basic Wiki tools for small business and groups. Wiki's used to be a nerd based interface accessible by anyone and understood by only a few. But, by tying together word processing, spread sheets and other common office applications with a less complex Wiki interface JotSpot has quickly gained ground and interest.

To fuel the internet race Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has sent out an invitation to an upcoming press conference with the W3C to begin a "Major Web initiative". The invitation doesn't offer much insight into the specifics of the meeting, but speculation is that Berners-Lee active involvement with the Semantic Web group may be tied to the announcement and initiative.

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