The Holy Grail... Fast, Cheap and Great
Written by David R Jennings   
Saturday, 06 May 2006
The Creative Holy Grail

"We deliver creative fast, cheap, and great... pick any two." This phrase has become the mantra of creative professionals in an era when needing delivery yesterday is the standard. But with the influx of Open Source technology into the Web development industry we are finally getting closer to fulfilling the creative holy grail.

The reality is that the open source mantra for now is, "Fast, Cheap and Standardized", but for many Web sites "standardized" can come pretty close to "great". If your company needs added website functionality like, Newsletters, eBlast, User Registration, Online Calendars, and a host of other Web 2.0 functionality then Open Source may be the way to go.

Bauart is often approached by small to medium size clients who are trying to either build their first Web site or are hoping to update an existing site. Usually they approach, with some understood trepidation, wondering what they are about to get into. Our answer is straight forward. "If your Web needs are flexible, and your open to making some behind the scenes IT changes, then quickly implementing an Open Source Web platform at a reasonable cost should not be a problem." The companies who are most often not able to make the leap to Open Source are those who have a large investment in their existing IT infrastructure and are heavily platform dependent on a non-compatible system.

The parts of an Web site that are standardized are usually not at issue because they are not the parts that most clients are looking for to differientiate themselves. Standardized hosting platforms, modules, components for newsletters, data-tracking, users registration, and some limitations on specific functionality are about the only things "standard" about Open Source, and even those can be expanded if needed.

When it comes to creativity and Open Source the cup is overflowing. You can pick from a host of , or if nothing fits your needs a unique template based on a custom site design can be built.

But a word of warning. Don't let the less expensive standardized tools fool you into thinking this is now an easy push-button process. Implementation has become easier for professionals because it is more standardized, but unless you know the ropes you should rely on professionals to step you through the process, and train your team on how to make site updates and changes.

So, are you ready to take that first step? now offers an online Web Site Discovery Form which will help you get started.

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