Case Study - Science Minds
Written by David R Jennings   
Wednesday, 22 November 2006
Science Minds - Bauart Case Study

Science Minds is an on-line interactive classroom created by WFAA-TV and Learn More Publishing. This educational site is designed to use audio, video and interactive media from WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas to create an online interactive classroom.


Bauart was asked to create an online interactive experience that needed to be co-branded with WFAA-TV and Learn More Publishing. The site audience is intended to be to young teenagers, but should be well-thought and designed for teachers and educators to easily find lesson plans, graphic organizers and downloadable TV and teaching files. In addition the finished Science Minds site should strongly reinforce the WFAA / LearnMore sales effort behind this concept and WFAA-TV supplied RSS News Feeds which had to be rolled into the site homepage.


Bauart recommended a vivid Web site design that utilized science iconolgy to reinforce the Science Minds theme. New lesson plans are confidently promoted from every page of the site to tease the ever growing lesson plans. Interesting video clips were gathered from WFAA-TV footage to reinforce the Learn More/WFAA co-branding and to give the site an dynamic and exciting mood. Flash animation was used instead of static images in the site header to add movement and additional energy.

To assist teachers the site was organized by "Lessons". Each Lesson provides a short list of the available lesson plan, downloadable graphic organizers, video clips and other support materials.

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