Firefox Has New Appeal for Safari Users
Written by David R Jennings   
Saturday, 05 May 2007
Firefox or Safari

We at Bauart are early adapters. There are not too many techno whiz bangs that we have not heard about, tried, or even promoted. But being Mac users there was no urgency to switch to Firefox and ditch Safari. The security issues all you XP/Vista users worry about is not even on our radar so why bother using anything other than Safari?

Firefox has sat quietly in our toolbars for several years now, but we only go there to check browser compatibility. It is on the list when we export our favorites from Safari but the chances of us dumping Safari to use Firefox.... "not gonna happen"!

"But somehow, month by month, Firefox has edged it's way into our daily routine."

First it was Firefox's "cool" factor with it's nifty ability to be re-skinned to look like any other browser. We now have it decorated to look just like Safari. This makes us feel comfortable and secure.

Then came the increasing annoyances with Safari's ability to play nice with online forms and scripts, especially secure HTTPS sites. (Bauart whispers.... You Safari users know the routine..., you're trying to buy something and Safari works perfectly right up until you hit submit, then suddenly it gives you an error screen asking you to "send a bug report to Apple"... what's with that! We have submitted that bug report about a billion times already!!!)

Next came Firefox's Live bookmarks, a fun little twist on RSS that none of the other browsers seem to understand?

But the last "cut of death" was the introduction the of integrated Google toolbar for Firefox on the Mac. Safari has had a Google Search bar for years, but suddenly Firefox offered not only a search bar which can be greatly customized, but the actual Google toolbar with all the extra plug-ins including site rankings. That did it... now were actually going to "think" about "maybe" "considering" to "possibly" try an application not made by Apple! We each feel dirty inside.

"It's hard to give up Safari. It has served us well and has always been ahead of the pack."

But now that Firefox can look like Safari, play nice with other applications, has better RSS support, better integration with Google and fully supports the Mac as a platform of choice, we have no reason not to switch.

Our last hold to Safari has only been how nicely it handles user favorites and bookmarks, but to be honest our choice bookmark tool is just a third-party plug-in not even built by Apple... damn!

Apple it's time to update Safari! As a group of Art Directors we don't want to go Sans-Safari unless forced. Are you forcing us? The clock is ticking!

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