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What is Bauart Creative?
The "Bauart Group" is a collection of creative professionals representing all fields of advertising, marketing, and creative services.
So you're an advertising agency then?
Bauart Creative functions similar to a legal firm where each principal is an independent agent working together to better the whole company.
Why should I use Bauart Creative?
We have given the creative process back to the creative professional and do not rely on directors, managers, and account executives unless they are needed. Because we do not have the cost overhead of a typical advertising agency we can pass these savings on to you our clients.
I have a large project which is going to need a lot of supervision, can your team handle the scope?
Yes absolutely! We scale your project team to your needs so that you only pay for the services you need from the specific creative talent, or account management, you know and trust.

If your project requires a skilled coordinator to keep a large team organized that is not a problem, we have certified project managers. But we will not assign one to your team unless the scope of the project demands it, and because they are not on our payroll waiting to be assigned you are not paying for that over-head.
So what keeps this from being another "freelancer for hire" company?
The Bauart team is a selected group, we are friends, colleagues and degreed professionals. We choose to work together to expand our talents and strengthen our individual offerings to our clients. Our association functions the same as a legal firm where the professionals run and manage themselves rather than being assigned a project from a superior.
What does "Bauart" mean?
"Bauart" is a German word which is most often used to describe a type of planned or calculated design. Architecture is a perfect example of "bauart". At the Bauart Group we believe great creative does not just happen it must be strategically planned and implemented.
How is "Bauart" pronounced?
Break the word into two basic parts: "bau", pronounced like the "bow" of a boat, or as an actor would "take-a-bow", and "art" which sounds like the word dart.

Put the two halfs together with the emphasis on the first syllable, "bau"..."Bauart"! It's dat easy!
When was the Bauart Group established?
Bauart Creative was established in 2000

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