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The Maggio Law Firm - Bauart Case Study

Gerald Maggio runs a successful law firm in Irvine California, He has employees and many happy clients. But he did not have a corporate identity that told his story at a glance.


Bauart was asked to create a unique identity for the Maggio Law Firm. An identity that shows Maggio to be professional, consultative and to demonstrate a branded corporate style that would be easily recognized. Maggio also requested a design that was simple to replicate across print and the internet and supporting collateral that would differentiate Maggio from other area law firms.


Bauart recommended a classic black on white identity. This allows the Maggio staff to easily add their identity onto all documents that will be seen by their clients, from their legal documents to the Maggio stationery.

Bauart presented multiple identity designs in three creative rounds, each round allowing Maggio to more carefully choose a design direction tailored to their clients and needs

The final identity collateral for The Maggio Law Firm included: a logo identity, stationery, business cards, envelopes, rubber stamps, and various iterations of their mark for print, and the Web.

Case Study - David Dike Fine Art PDF Print E-mail

DDFA, David Dike Fine Art Gallery, located in uptown Dallas showcases the finest in American and Southwestern fine art. Their need for a new Web site included a database driven site to enhance their marketing and online auction programs.


Bauart was asked to update the original DDFA Website so that a new site could more easily showcase their Fine Art, regular exhibits, online auctions, email blast, as well as support their traditional promotions. David and his team were satisfied with the design of their existing site, which had a limited content management system, but the site answered none of their marketing needs. They wanted to make quick changes, updates and regular changes.


Bauart recommended moving DDFA from their limited website content management system to the open source Content Mangement System. Joomla offered a clean CMS with the strength for DDFA to add online auctions, newsletters, eblast, and create weekly marketing updates.

Bauart also enhanced their Search Engine Optimization and help to increase their site traffic by tieing DDFA in the local, regional, and national art markets.

In addition Bauart smoothed out the design of their previous site to freshen the look. We also added new categories, an event calendar, and sub-domains for their their fine art group,

Click Here to Visit the David Dike Fine Art Website

Case Study - Science Minds PDF Print E-mail
Science Minds - Bauart Case Study

Science Minds is an on-line interactive classroom created by WFAA-TV and Learn More Publishing. This educational site is designed to use audio, video and interactive media from WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas to create an online interactive classroom.


Bauart was asked to create an online interactive experience that needed to be co-branded with WFAA-TV and Learn More Publishing. The site audience is intended to be to young teenagers, but should be well-thought and designed for teachers and educators to easily find lesson plans, graphic organizers and downloadable TV and teaching files. In addition the finished Science Minds site should strongly reinforce the WFAA / LearnMore sales effort behind this concept and WFAA-TV supplied RSS News Feeds which had to be rolled into the site homepage.


Bauart recommended a vivid Web site design that utilized science iconolgy to reinforce the Science Minds theme. New lesson plans are confidently promoted from every page of the site to tease the ever growing lesson plans. Interesting video clips were gathered from WFAA-TV footage to reinforce the Learn More/WFAA co-branding and to give the site an dynamic and exciting mood. Flash animation was used instead of static images in the site header to add movement and additional energy.

To assist teachers the site was organized by "Lessons". Each Lesson provides a short list of the available lesson plan, downloadable graphic organizers, video clips and other support materials.

Click to view the Science Minds Website