The Unannounced Apple Update
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007
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It's been a big week for Apple. Steve Jobs WWDC keynote had some expected news, like the upcoming release of OSX Leopard in October which will include some fun and productive tools.

The big "One Last Thing" announcement was a beta release of Safari for PC. For all you PC people Safari is the free Web browser built for the Mac by Apple. Safari broke some new ground when it first launched, it was one of the first to come with built-in RSS, Tabbed browsing, and a simple clean interface. But, until now, Safari has been unavailable to Windows users.

The blogs are full of statements about the downside to Safari on PC, and that it doesn't match the hype. But Cali Lewis mentioned yesterday on Geekbrief, "It is important to remember the word BETA when comparing Safari on the PC to anything else". Thanks Cali, you're correct! To compare a beta version of Safari to IE7 is a bit unfair. Let's wait until Safari is in full release before we stomp to hard.
Apple's Safari Browser Broke New Ground When First Launched and Set the Bar for Years!
But there is another Apple change that slid under the radar this week. Apple launched a new Web site during Steve's keynote. The previous Apple site was a turning point in internet design. The simple interface managed to show everything you needed without cluttering up the page. It set the bar for many years.

The new Apple layout simplifies the navigation even further and reduces the main top links to only seven links and a search. The new site draws heavily on the use of expandable AJAX based sidebars and quicklinks which show blurbs or thumbnails and expand automatically as you hover over the content.

Apple had been aiming toward this update for the past few months. New pages seemed to not match the old site. Backgrounds went from a uniform white to black, white, and grey. But as the new site comes online the design falls back into a scheme that is planned and calculated.

You should also take notice that Apple.Com is incorporating a lot more video. Flash is a great tool and is used throughout the site, but Apples inroads into broadcast tools shows up frequently, especially on pages that premier a new product or hype an existing promotion.

I think we will all be in for a fun summer of mac this year. Their products continue to amaze, and with the new frame around the familiar Apple web site they are ready to push their products to the masses.

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