About Bauart

Bauart is different. We are the "open source" of creative agencies.

Bauart has all the benefits of a large advertising agency but is as responsive as a one-man creative shop. We are dedicated to the concept that creativity is best handled by Art Directors and creative talent and should not be filtered through account executives and project managers.

Our Company

Bauart Creative has grown by doing work that makes our customers look great. We understand that the success of your project depends on us, and that your job depends on projects that look great yet are delivered on time and on budget.

Our creative process enables us to proactively solve your creative needs and deliver concepts and designs that work for you.

We won't slow your project down with a rigid set of "methodologies", "processologies" or "strategeries".

We are dedicated to making your project the focus of our day, then delivering creative solutions that make us proud and you look great.


David Jennings is Owner and Creative Principal of the
, a Dallas based creative agency.

During his professional career David has achieved design and technical skills that span from television broadcasting to print and interactive design. He has developed and implemented countless Web sites and interactive projects. His many creative roles have included video and film editor, TV director and producer, broadcast designer, TV/print and interactive art director, graphic designer, Advertising consultant and even HTML and Flash programmer.

"David's wide range of creative, design and technical skills have positioned him as an expert in many diverse and now converging fields."


BRAND UBER ALLES! - Your Brand Above All!

What is Bauart Creative?
The "Bauart Group" is a collection of creative professionals representing all fields of advertising, marketing, and creative services.
So you're an advertising agency then?
Bauart Creative functions similar to a legal firm where each principal is an independent agent working together to better the whole company.
Dallas Creative Services
Bauart offers virtual offices across the country including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but we are a Dallas creative design company and retain our headquarters in Dallas. Bauart supports the DFW business community and strives to bring our innovative marketing, advertising and artistic design to every project.

Bauart services include: Web 2.0 Website design, corporate and retail identity, branding, business collateral, photography, print and branding identity. We will make you and your project look great!

David Jennings

David Jennings Owner
and Creative Director of
Bauart Creative Services

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